Give Thanks
(There is Peace in the Music)

A new song by King Tet (aka Eric Van der Wyk)



Lyrics: "Give thanks, there is peace in the music.  Give thanks, there is love in the melody.
Concentrate your vibe on tranquility, our strength is helping humanity."

Words and Music by Eric Van der Wyk
Instrumentals by Eric Van der Wyk
Vocals by Christian Provensen  of Fynd

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KING TET: The Man In The Can

Christian Provensen sings "Give Thanks" Christian Provensen

Christian Provensen sings


Eric Van der Wyk plays the electric Sitar Eric Van der Wyk plays the Fernandes Monterey Elite "Sustainer" guitar

Eric Van der Wyk playing Electric Sitar

The Fernandes Monterey Elite "Sustainer" guitar

The Man in the Can CD   

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